a mediterranean fish and seafood degustacion

One of the richest tresors in the mediterranean kitchen is their rich variety of fish and seafoods. Let me show you how easy their pure flavours can be combinated with all kind of local ingredients and build up to a flavour explosion in your mouth! With this 7 dishes I want to show you just a little bit of the wonders we obtain from the mediteranean sea.

Aperitif: Aperol Spritz or Vermuth


Aspic of mediterranean fish on mashed peas and saute of seasonal mushrooms
Coconut soup with sardines, mint and curry grissini
Fluffy empanada with mussels and green pepper foam
Skewers of grilled octopus on pepper apricot chutney and potatoe confit
Fish and clam “Suquet” with sweet potatoe chip
Mackerel in thin tempura, tomato and tender garlic saute and truffled watercress

Cappuccino-Hazelnut ice cream, textures of yoghurt, coconut and caramel

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