Organic fusion – autum edition

It’s my favorite time of year: the fall, the time of harvest, when many extraordinary vegetables and fruits reach their optimum ripening point is the time of an incredible variety of flavors and colors. Enjoy the new autumn organic menu:

Amouse geule: marinaded sardine with eggplant cream and fresh fig


Bonito tuna in sesame with salad of lettuce sprouts, radish, pistachos and mango mustard vinagrette


Potato cream soup with mushrooms, watercress and goat cheese foam


Monkfish osso bucco with squid inked tagliatelle and mashed blue potatoes


Ice cream of plums and rum raisins, chocolate crumble, mini merengue and cranberry foam


Castell Soterra, Vilafranca de Penedez

Macabeu – Malvasia, 2012,

 Ull de Llevre – Garnatxa – Monastrell, 2013

2 thoughts on “Organic fusion – autum edition

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