how does it work?

If you are interested in one of my offers, or if you want an offer completely adapted to your taste: contact me threw the contact form, adding the desired date, amount of guests and the menu or the theme (Japanese, Italian, wedding, bachelor party) and I will inform you about my availability.

Later on we can talk about the details such as drinks, decoration and budget. Once we agreed to all details we will figure out a method of payment. The payment can be made before or at the same day of the event.

At the day of the event I will arrive at the venue between 1.5 and 4 hours before the start of the service (depending on the type of event and the number of guests). Once arrived, I just need to know where I can work and where you will eat. I will take care of the rest – including the serving of the beverages and the dishes, and of course the cleaning of the kitchen.

I try to answer all requests as quickly as possible, but still I recommend you to book a few weeks in advance. My actingspace is within the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona. Should the venue be located further away, a small transportation charge will be added .

Try it out and have a fantastic dining experience!


Rudolf Plötz



4 thoughts on “how does it work?

  1. Hy Rudi,
    ganz zufällig bin ich auf deine Seite gestoßen und ich muss sagen: echt Top!!! Was ein ehemaliger St. Mareiner alles so auf die Füße stellen kann…super Sache! Wollt dir einfach liebe Grüße da lassen und weiterhin viel Erfolg in Barcelona! Hoffe es geht dir gut! Liebe Grüße aus Knittelfeld, Jasmine

  2. massud..el dia que viniste con cucu a ver el mini concierto…he visto tu trabajo y te increible.pasate algun dia por el bar..estoy en tallers 76 .78
    mi telf es 620 18 67 46…si algun dia te interesa
    colaborar con nosotros avisame.
    un saludo

  3. Hola,

    Me gustaria tener mas informaciones sobre sus menus, nos gustaria reservar para el 15 de julio para 8 personas, es por un clumpeaño, entonces si tiene varias opciones si puede comunicarmelas seria muy bien.
    Mi email es

  4. Buenas tardes,

    Les contacto desde el Hotel Neri (, tenemos 4 clientes, Señores Oppenheim y estan interesados en una cena española el 29 de septiembre o el 30 si no fuera posible el 29.

    Le agradecemos una respuesta.

    Un cordial saludo

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